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Hi Colleagues, how is it possible that when uploading csv format with org file I got an error message that number of columns in row does not match number of columns in header? why is it only for some of them and not for all? Do you know how to fix it...
Hi Team, could you please specify how does Teamwork habits tab looks like if the manager has less than 9 directs? I have a customer deeply interested in buying Viva Advanced Insights App but their teams are mostly with less then 9 directs and I am th...
Hi Team, could you please assist me with these questions? Leader: As per MS documentation I understand that Business Leaders have 3 access levels (levels of insights)o They see everything that managers see, but not on a team level – but rather on an ...
Hi Team, I am trying to pull out Wellbeing report but the information (Your admin has removed disabled attributes from the database. To create the query without these attributes, click "Clean Query") appears at the top when setting up the first query...
Hi Team, could you please tell me how are the numbers indicated in the 2nd chart (100 and 200) measured?One person cannot work 100 and 200 hours a week...Does it have something to do with wrongly setting the work week span? Although other reports see...
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