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Teams sync with Viva Insights

Hello,I have a problem/question in regards to the sync between Viva Insights and Teams and in particular the app permission synchronization.This is our current setup. We have Viva Insights not activated for all users per default. Every user needs to ...

Trying to Link a WpA Demo query to PowerBi

M365, Windows 10, Lenovo, Using Firefox browser.Hi, After doing the training I am actively pursuing my Practitioner badge. Upon receipt of my testing registration email they have you sign up for "Get access to our demo tenant".This email comes with a...

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AAD data source attributes

Hello All,We have customer using AAD as data source for org data with Viva Insights, they would like know what values from AAD were taken to produce the data on the screen shot, the attributes Domain, managerID, Organization, and TimeZone? Thank you

AAD Attributes.jpg

Recommended custom queries

Hi All, Does anyone have some good custom query recommendations that you have used with other clients? There are so many metrics I am wondering if anyone has found a "go-to" for some that they recommend Thanks