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Headspace Focus Music - early adopter feedback

I am receiving feedback from early adopters on the Headspace app in Viva Insights. They really like the suggested Focus Music options available, however, if they decide to play the focus music (to help them focus on work), they cannot continue using ...

Meeting Load Suggestions

We are seeing a pattern of decreased engagement directly correlating with leader and peer availability as well as time to do deep work. So it seems easy enough just schedule less meetings right? However over the last few months actually trying to bre...

Mobility tracker in Viva Insights

Is there any news on the mobility tracker in Viva Insights? I saw this information already popping up in Productivity Score. It was also announced as an extra source of data in Viva Insights, but I can't find it yet. It would be relevant to gain insi...

Questions from Managers

Hi everyone! We have started demoing Viva Insights in teams with a couple of HR managers before we roll out to the wider organization. So far I have received a few questions: 1) Is there any way to do a filter by dates? For example at the end of the ...

Person query - missing metrics!

Hi, on the metrics definitions MS Docs page (Metric definitions | Microsoft Docs) the following channel-metrics for Person queries are explained. Unfortunately, when creating a new Person query in Workplace Analytics, these channel-metrics are not in...