Valued Contributor II
Valued Contributor II

New virtual commute experience

The virtual commute experience in the Viva Insights app is getting an update. We’ve added a fresh design and layout, and also added increased functionality for responding to meetings and managing your tasks. 


Read more at: Virtual commute.

Updates to Focus

Not only can you use Viva Insights to book time for focus; you’ll soon be able to optimize that focus time with a new focus mode. Before your focus time starts, you’ll get a Teams notification. After you select that notification, you’ll enter the new focus mode experience, which includes a focus-interval timer, your To Do tasks, and mindfulness breaks—all in one place. You can enable or disable the reminder to enter focus mode in your focus plan settings.


We’re planning to release this update by the end of October.

Praise recommendations

Based on your top collaborators, the Praise feature now offers suggestions on who to send praise to. If you’re a manager, the app recommends team members you haven’t praised in a while. Getting started is easy—just select Start praise from the recommendation card. Read more about praise.


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