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Wellbeing updates in Teams

As discussed in our Viva Insights blog in October, the focus mode and praise feature updates are now live worldwide!


Focus mode

Not only can you silence notifications and block out time for focused work. You can immerse yourself in your tasks by using focus mode. With a timer that intersperses break time to keep you energized, items from To Do to keep you on task, and mindfulness exercises to keep you grounded, focus mode helps you get important work done in a distraction-free environment. Learn more about focus mode in our documentation.




The praise feature has a new look. Pick from over a dozen titles, like Awesome, Team Player, Leadership, and Courage, and send them to your colleagues in a 1:1 chat or in a Teams channel. Craft a note, pick the message’s background color, check out its preview, and send!


When you select Praise history from the Praise card on the Home page, you’ll find past praise messages, recommendations for who you might want to send praise to, trends about praise you’ve sent and received, and an option to remind yourself to send praise to colleagues.




Admin experience updates

We’ve updated the admin experience for Viva Insights. Find information relevant to Insights administration in the new Viva collection. Assign roles, set defaults, and more, all from one hub. To configure access to the different Viva Insights elements, Admins can navigate to the new Microsoft Viva admin experience via the setup tab, and then select the Viva Collection.



Find updated information in our Personal insights and advanced insights setup documentation. 

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