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Valued Contributor II

We’ve heard your feedback! We’re updating the Viva Insights app in Teams to create a more intuitive and actionable user experience. The redesign will increase the relevancy of content on the Home page, including new content for managers and leaders, and reduce redundancy across the experience.

We’re also updating the Viva Insights web Home page, discoverable via the Microsoft 365 app launcher on, to match the Viva Insights app in Teams experience.

Additionally, the MyAnalytics web dashboard will be updated to reflect the Viva Insights brand and be accessible via a link from the Viva Insights app in Teams.

Lastly, we're introducing functionality that will allow end users to opt out of receiving personal insights across all surfaces.

These changes will begin rolling out mid-August, 2022 and will be available world-wide by early September 2022.

Read on to learn more!

Viva Insights app in Teams design refresh

For all Microsoft 365 licensed users

The updated Home page will include an invitation to set up a personal focus plan. In the future, it will also include an invitation to set up quiet time to disconnect after-hours with mobile notifications from Teams and Outlook silenced. The Home page will continue to feature personal wellbeing experiences for tapping into moments of gratitude, reflection, and mindfulness and the option to enroll into virtual commute.


For users with Viva Insights licenses

Note: The My team page will be renamed Teamwork habits and the My organization page will be renamed Organization trends.

A new section called Teamwork habits will be included on the Home page. Licensed users will be asked to confirm or edit their teams on the Home page. This same action can still be completed on the Teamwork habits page (previously My team). Once a team has been created and/or confirmed, this card will provide a summary of how often the user meets with each team member 1:1. The learn more link takes the user to the Teamwork habits page.


The Teamwork habits page (previously My team) will be streamlined and simplified:

  • Insights currently accessed via the Your habits card will be persistently displayed on the Teamwork habits page.
  • Praise features will no longer be duplicated on the Teamwork habits page. All users will send praise from the Home page.
  • Group insights, available to managers with nine or more individuals in their span of control, will be available on the Organization trends page (previously My organization) rather than the Teamwork habits page.
  • The remaining cards have been rearranged for visual and navigation improvements.


Leaders and managers with at least 9 or more employees in their span of control

A new section called Organization trends will appear at the top of the Home page for managers and leaders with at least nine individuals in their span of control. The group insights card and a card with recommended actions will be included in this section. The cards will focus on three rotating scenarios: employee wellbeing, meeting effectiveness, and manager connection.


Clicking into the Organization trends cards will take the user to the Organization trends page (previously My organization page). Today, this page is only available to leaders and features nine scenarios. With this UI refresh, this page will also be available to managers with at least nine people in their span of control, and the nine scenarios will be consolidated across the three themes mentioned above.

Employee wellbeing

  • Average weekly time spent collaborating after hours
  • Distribution of collaboration hours per week

(replaces ‘Average weekly time spent in emails’ and ‘instant message use’ currently available to managers)

  • Distribution of uninterrupted weekly time to focus

Meeting effectiveness

  • Percent of meetings attended by duration and number of attendees
  • Distribution of weekly time spent multitasking (new insight for managers)
  • Recurring versus non-recurring meeting hours (new insight for managers)

Manager connection

  • Distribution of manager-employee coaching relationships
  • Distribution of monthly 1:1 time with managers (new insight for managers)

Note: Collaboration across silos is now available only to organizational leaders (team cohesion metric)

For both managers and leaders, the Organization trends page will default to a scoped view of their organization, aggregating patterns across their direct and indirect reports. Leaders will be able to toggle to a full-company view with insights covering all licensed users. The full-company view will include three additional network-based insights:

  • Team cohesion and alignment
  • Manager connections
  • Empowering teams through manager networks


Viva Insights on the web

The Viva Insights web experience will be updated to match the refreshed Viva Insights app in Teams. The updated web experience will remain discoverable via the Microsoft 365 app launcher on or at


MyAnalytics web dashboard

The MyAnalytics web dashboard will be retitled Microsoft Viva Insights. It will still be accessed via Users seeking in-depth insights to reflect on their personal work habits over the past four weeks will be able to navigate from the Viva Insights experience in Teams and the web to the rebranded MyAnalytics web dashboard via a hyperlink at the bottom of the Home page.


End-user opt-out

A new toggle will be available in the Viva Insights app in Teams and the Viva Insights web application that allows end users to opt out of receiving personal insights across all surfaces—all with a single click. Users can also opt out using the existing MyAnalytics toggle on Microsoft Viva Insights. Opted out users will lose access to:

  • All features on Viva Insights app in Teams, the Viva Insights web application, Microsoft Viva Insights dashboard, and the Viva Insights Outlook add-in. This includes access to enroll in quiet time and focus plans and virtual commute notifications.
  • All personal insights settings except the opt-in/opt-out toggle and briefing email settings.
  • Delay delivery plan enrollment and notifications (E5 licensed users will still have access).
  • Viva Insights content in the daily briefing email (subscribed users will continue to receive the briefing email).
  • Semi-monthly digest email.

Users can opt back in at any time and previously saved settings will be restored. The Home page on the Insights app in Teams and on the web will provide a persistent option to opt back in.

Opted out users will still see currently scheduled individual and shared plan events on their calendars unless manually deleted. They will also continue to receive shared plan invites.

Some changes, such as the Digest email and add-in, may take up to a week to take effect.

Documentation updates

Documentation will be updated to reflect these changes. Users will continue to access this documentation at Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

We value your feedback and look forward to your comments and questions!

Valued Contributor II
Valued Contributor II

The updates look really useful! I am particularly interested in the "End-user-opt-out" feature. Like a good author of detective novels, you kept the best to the end of the message 🙂 Are we certain that all the features in the list will be rolled out by the end of September? I wouldn't like to over-promise this to my customer. Especially because this will be a game-changer for them, they really struggle with opt-in/opt-out process with every new user.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Excellent updates, looking forward to this. @lilyolason how do we control access to Teamwork Habits, is it still through the Manager settings CSV file in Workplace Analytics? Also can we turn off the reflections emotion smileys on the Home page?

Hi @lilyolason , in the Organization Trends section, can a manager (with at least 9 employees as direct/indirect reports) define the range of dates for the analysis? We understand default range is 14 weeks, but can a manager for example see data only from the past 2 weeks?


Viva Insights PM
Viva Insights PM

Hi @Valentina_Flores - there is not the ability to see data on shorter timeframes just yet, but there will be updates in the future to provide this more short term view for qualifying users. 

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