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A new capability for admins offers more choice and control to end users. When enabled, a new setting in the Privacy settings page of the advanced insights interface enables end users to opt out of having data that relates to them as an individual included in organizational collaboration insights, which are generated by a Viva Insights analyst using a custom query.


In addition to being excluded from organizational collaboration metrics, opted out users lose access to the following personal insights:

  • All features on Viva Insights app in Teams, the Viva Insights web application, Microsoft Viva Insights dashboard, and the Viva Insights Outlook add-in. This includes access to enroll in quiet time and focus plans and virtual commute notifications.
  • All personal insights settings except the opt-in/opt-out toggle and briefing email settings.
  • Delay delivery plan enrollment and notifications (E5 licensed users will still have access).
  • Viva Insights content in the daily briefing email (subscribed users will continue to receive the briefing email).
  • Semi-monthly digest email.

Opted out users will continue to be included in aggregated insights and collaboration events, such as aggregated insights on the Organization trends page and query results from collaboration events, such as meetings and chats in Microsoft Teams.

They will also continue to receive invitations to participate in shared plans invites, and existing individual and shared plan events will remain on their calendars unless manually deleted.


Once the setting is enabled, end users who have already opted out of receiving personal insights will be automatically opted out of having their data that relates to them as an individual included in organizational metrics as well. Users can opt back in at any time and previously saved settings will be restored.

The Home page on the Insights app in Teams and on the web will provide a persistent option to opt back in.

Settings take effect 24 hours after being enabled, and will impact all future queries as well as existing queries that are refreshed weekly.

This feature will be available worldwide December 2022. Documentation will be updated to reflect these changes. Users will continue to access this documentation at Microsoft Viva Insights setup | Microsoft Learn.

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