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To earn the Viva Insights Practitioner badge through self-study, we offer you this guided curriculum. You will complete a mix of online learning and review of recorded training sessions, and you will have the training materials at hand.

Note that you will sign up at the end of this course to receive access to the assessment. If you don't have a Viva Insights environment to explore and would like access to a demo environment before getting started with the modules, please sign up before. In this case, you only need to sign up once and the materials will be sent to you in 2-3 business days.


Viva Insights Overview

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Microsoft Viva Insights encompasses MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics, along with new productivity and wellbeing insights and experiences in Microsoft Teams, to provide data-driven insights and recommended actions that empower people, teams, and organizations to focus on what’s important, achieve balance, and build resilience.




Complete the Discover Microsoft Workplace Analytics module at




Module 1: Viva Insights Fundamentals Module 1 Viva Insights Fundamentals.jpg

This module covers the basics of how Microsoft Viva Insights functions, the value it can provide to customers, key privacy considerations and resources, and how to onboard your organization to Viva Insights.


Tasks to Complete (2 hours of video and 30 minutes of exercises)
  1. Watch the Customer story video (3 min)
  2. Watch the Introduction to Viva Insights (10 min)
  3. What is Workplace Analytics?
  4. Before you begin
  5. Onboarding process
  6. Working with organizational data
  7. Working with queries
  8. Watch the Privacy and Security video (29 min) (1)


  1. Workplace Analytics product documentation
  2. Privacy and data protection in Workplace Analytics
  3. Microsoft Online Services Terms (OST)
  4. Microsoft OST Data Protection Addendum
Module 2: Ways of Working Assessment Module 2 Ways of Working Assessment.jpg

This module teaches you how to set up, derive insights from, and deliver a Viva Insights Ways of Working assessment, which provides a baseline of digital collaboration activity for your organization.


Tasks to Complete (1 MS Learn module, 90 minutes of video, and 30 minutes of exercises)

  1. Complete the Ways of Working assessment module
  2. Watch the Ways of Working and Services Overview video (7 min) (1)
  3. Watch the Introduction and Delivery Approach video (8 min) (1)
  4. Watch the Power BI Walkthrough video (12 min)
  5. Watch the Emerging Stories video (35 min)
  6. Complete the Ways of Working assessment exercise (30 min)
  7. Watch the Sample Exercise Output video (4 min)
  8. Watch the video about additional PBI templates including the Business Continuity Dashboard (5 min)


  1. Ways of Working assessment Power BI file
  2. Template Ways of Working assessment PowerPoint deck
Module 3: Viva Insights Analysis Module 3 Viva Insights Analysis.jpg

This module teaches you to obtain and analyze flexible query outputs from Viva Insights and to derive insights from the data.


Tasks to Complete (2 videos, 2 exercises)

  1. Watch the Workplace Analytics Analysis training video (28 min)
  2. Complete the Effective Managers exercise with this Excel file (30 minutes)
  3. Watch the Expensive Meetings training video (21 min)
  4. Complete the Expensive Meetings exercise with this CSV file (30 minutes)


  1. Workplace Analytics Analysis PowerPoint deck
  2. If you need help with the Effective Manager exercise, please use this Excel file as explained in the video
  3. If you need help with the Expensive Meetings exercise, please use this Power BI file as explained in the video

(1)  Note that some of the content may only be applicable to partners of Microsoft that may be skipped

Earning your Practitioner Badge



Congratulations on completing your Viva Insights training! To earn your Viva Insights Practitioner badge, you will
need to sign up here before proceeding.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with next steps in 2-3 business days outlining how to access the following steps:

  1. Complete a Knowledge Check Quiz: This multiple-choice quiz will test your foundational knowledge of WPA concepts. There will be 30 questions and it will take 25-30 minutes to complete. Use your email address and the password emailed to you to log in to QuestionMark. You may take the quiz as many times as needed to get a passing score of more than 70%.
  2. Prepare one of the three sections of the Ways of Working assessment: The email will contain your assigned section of the Ways of Working assessment (Meeting Culture, Manager Effectiveness, or Employee Wellbeing). Please fill out the introductory and analysis slides for the PowerPoint with the title of the specific section assigned to you from this Power BI file.
  3. Sign up for and pass a pitch evaluation: Once you have prepared the presentation from #2, refer to our email to find the link to sign up for a pitch session. Plan to present your slides for 30 minutes and treat the pitch as a customer-facing presentation. At the end of the pitch, the evaluator will provide feedback on your pitch.​

Once you have passed your pitch and quiz, you will receive a Viva Insights Practitioner Badge that you can share with your professional network on LinkedIn. We are excited to support you through this journey!

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