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The Power BI Ways of working tracker uses Workplace Analytics data to help you, as an analyst track changes in collaboration over time and helps you target opportunities to improve employee wellbeing, meeting culture, and manager effectiveness.

This dashboard helps you track how collaboration is affecting the key performance indicators (KPIs) for employees by answering the following business questions.

  • How have the KPIs evolved over time? – Shows trends for the key indicator categories, including average values for the most recent week’s top collaboration metrics.
  • How have KPIs changed in the last week? – Shows how collaboration in the key indicator categories have changed from last week’s rolling average as compared to the previous weeks’ rolling average.
  • How do organizations compare? – Shows the collaboration averages per week for each organizational group for each key category.
  • Have any key scorecard metrics changed? – The scorecards for each of the key indicators show weekly averages by organizational group and the percentage change from the baseline to the current time period.
  • Are trends moving in the right direction? – The trend pages show how the key indicators are changing over time, including improving manager coaching and reducing after-hours work, lengthy, bloated, and meetings attended by employees and their managers.

The dashboard also includes an Example interventions page that has ideas on how to drive positive change with best practices based on industry insights and research. The Glossary page describes the metrics used in the different reports.

To populate the dashboard in Power BI, you must set up and successfully run the predefined Ways of working tracker query in Workplace Analytics. The query results will refresh your downloaded Power BI dashboard on a weekly basis.


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