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The Ways of working assessment dashboard uses a template that’s populated by Workplace Analytics data to conduct a broad diagnostic of a company’s collaboration culture and employee experience. It is designed to highlight collaboration patterns for different groups and organizational levels and to identify opportunities for improvements.

The different pages in the report help you answer the following related questions:

Collaboration culture

  1. How is collaboration load impacting after-hours?
  2. How much time do people spend in different collaboration channels?
  3. How does the organization spend its meeting time?
  4. How much time is going toward long or large meetings?
  5. Who in the organization is generating the most workload by organizing meetings?
  6. Can employees reclaim focus time through ‘compact’ scheduling practices?
  7. Is multitasking during meetings driven by habit or by necessity?
  8. Which recurring meetings might present streamlining opportunities?
  9. Are there opportunities to drive greater agility in emailing practices?

Employee experience

  1. When does collaboration start impacting after-hours workload?
  2. Who in the organization is at highest risk of burnout?
  3. Is manager double-booking creating potential ripple effects across the company?
  4. Are employees receiving sufficient 1:1 coaching time?
  5. Are managers balancing oversight with employee empowerment and autonomy?
  6. What managerial behaviors predominate across the company and by organization?

Each report includes a What to examine and Why it matters interpretation that explain how to analyze the data to answer the business questions and how to use best practices to maintain or improve company collaboration patterns and employee experience.

To populate the dashboard in Power BI, you must set up and successfully run the predefined Ways of working assessment and Standard meeting query in Workplace Analytics.

After you successfully run these queries, you can download the template from the Ways of working assessment query on the Results page. After you download the template, you can then connect the query data from Workplace Analytics to the dashboard in Power BI.


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