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As employees shift to remote work and to digital only collaboration, Workplace Analytics can help you stay on track and make data-driven decisions that can help your employees do their best work.

The Power BI Microsoft Teams insights dashboard directionally highlights where a shift to remote work might have the largest impacts, offering a measurable starting point for helping leaders understand where they might use tools and processes to support and sustain new ways of working.

This dashboard enables you to visualize and explore your company’s current activity in Teams and learn how you can help your team be successful moving forward. The dashboard includes the following reports that answer these business questions, along with a Why it matters interpretation.

  • What does adoption look like so far? - Shows how groups are adopting Teams for collaborating and productivity over the selected time period. Groups who adopt Teams at a moderate to high level can more productively collaborate.
  • How can Teams help employees speed up communication? – Teams can help employees find the right mode of communication for what they want to accomplish. For example, group communications on Teams enables faster file sharing and easy-to-follow conversation records.
  • How does Teams help employees network and build connections? – Shows the internal network size and depth of Teams usage within your organization and their efficiency in building and maintaining connections by using Teams.
  • Where should you focus training and education for Teams adoption? – Shows who is using Teams and how much time they’re spending in Teams calls and instant messages. This gives you a holistic view of how different groups in your organization are currently using Teams and who could benefit from additional Teams training.
  • How can community influencers help drive the adoption of Teams? – Shows a recommended teams adoption plan for different groups based on their level of community influence, as described in more detail on this page. The phased plans provide ways employees can make meaningful changes in their work patterns, including communication, wellbeing, and meeting culture recommendations and best practices.
  • Are employees working after hours in Teams? – Shows the average workweek span and averages for the spread of activity during the day and outside of the group’s set working hours. As collaboration moves digitally, it’s important to establish communication guidelines and boundaries to encourage employees to balance work and life and maintain good wellbeing.


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