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We have employees that want the ability to indicate part time as well as difference in working hours from typical 8 to 5 job. Is there a way to have outlook provide option that you can both select the days of the week as well as the hours for each day selected?

Idea here would be a Gen Z who wants to work from 9 to 7 on Monday, 8 to 6 on Tuesday, 12 - 10 on Wednesday and Thursday, and then work 8 - 12 on Friday. Same work week but extremely different work pattern than Outlook would allow. 

I sense that there are many other companies in same boat who want to offer flexibility and allow us to have that show up in our available time in Outlook so our colleagues can see and then respect the decision so that meetings are scheduled in times that work for all. 

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Viva Insights PM
Viva Insights PM

That's a great suggestion. I will consult with the relevant team and see if they have plans to introduce such flexibility. 

Thank you!

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