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Today, VIVA insights only allows two options for queries either auto-refresh (that has to be renewed) or one-time only query. The auto-refresh is great but it only gives 1 years worth of data instead of all data, and the one-time only query can only be run once without creating an entirely new query with a new "ID". 

  • Preference for VIVA Insights to offer up the ability to extend the auto refresh beyond 1 year to include all data in the client for use with a Azure data lake or database. Unfortunately with only a years worth of data, then I have to have a one time only query to get all the data to a data and then use another query to auto-refresh to append the new data --- and then this gets overly complicated when you have new licenses being added or removed throughout the year
  • Preference for VIVA insights also offer up the ability to re-run a one time only query that keeps the exact same ODATA feed link. This static address would allow on-demand refreshes instead of hitting the Microsoft server every week and allows the creation of PowerBI models that are better connected to the data. This re-run essentially would just be an option (can't change fields or any details about the query)...you just rerun with the exact same settings -- therefore if it had last one year then it would rerun again with new dates with last 1 year. 
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Viva Insights PM
Viva Insights PM

Thank you for suggesting these great ideas Oliver, we will take them into account.

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