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New Contributor II
New Contributor II
Status: New

As we track the effectiveness of Viva Insights, we would like to know which users are actually looking at their insights and through which channel. Can we get a log of the visits to the MyAnalytics page including who and when? And similarly for the Viva Insights teams app - preferably broken down by tab. Would also be great to know who enabled things like virtual commute, use praise, schedule a focus plan, etc.

This will help us to quantify the benefits of Viva Insights in another way - e.g. by bucketing users according to their usage and see if "high" users are seeing more benefits.

Status changed to: New

Thank you for the suggestion! We will get this to the product manager working on MyAnalytics and let them know your ideas. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Kelly_Dowd, we have a newly-released M365 Admin Center report that shows active Viva Insights users by day. We currently don't go into deeper detail like you're requesting, but this provides a daily usage trend up to the last 180 days.

Microsoft Viva Insights activity report | Microsoft Docs