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One of our analysts discovered that when we run a meeting query that we do not currently have the ability to separate tentatively accept from accept as a selectable field. This caused quite a bit confusion when we started using the the attendee exclusion here at CMI. We would like to be able to get a separate field for each meeting that calls out "accept", "tentative", "decline", and "no response" so we can quickly see how attendees is calculated. At CMI, accept and tentative are no where near the same thing but find that we actually put both in the same bucket as "accept"

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Viva Insights PM

Thank you for the idea @Oliver_S_Beard!

There are a couple of fields that you can use in a meeting query today that can help you get close to what you are looking for:

  • TotalAccept: number of invitees who have accepted the meeting invitation.
  • TotalNoResponse: number of invitees who did not respond to or tentatively accepted the meeting invitation.
  • TotalDecline: number of invitees who have declined the meeting invitation.

Note that TotalAccept only counts invitees who accepted the meeting. People who tentatively accepted the meeting are counted in TotalNoResponse.

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@Lucas_Hogner we are getting slightly confused then because it seems in our data that accept and tentative are in the accept field and that no response is only no response field. We tested this by applying a tentative exclusion and seeing how it modified the data for attendees, total accept, and total no response.

It seems to state this in the the WpA documentation as well: 

  • TotalAccept. The number of invitees who accepted the meeting
  • TotalNoResponse. The number of invitees who did not respond
  • TotalDecline. The number of invitees who declined the meeting

Only documentation of tentative in all of the documentation is this and it refers to it as "accepted as tentative":


In some countries, it is a cultural practice not to "decline" a meeting; rather, a "Tentative" response means "I won’t be attending but I still want to keep this meeting on my calendar." As an analyst, you can exclude invitees who tentatively accepted a meeting invitation.

Using the "accepted as tentative" exclusion would mean that a meeting invitee who tentatively accepted is not counted as an attendee to that particular meeting.



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