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It would be great to help reinforce nudges if we had a "personal assistant" like the old "Clippy" from Office 365 make an appearance in Outlook and Teams and provide tips or messages on how to be more productive using all the tips and suggestions included in the Viva Insights product today. 

The bot would send messages according to their personal calendar suggesting improvements around focus hours, breaks for lunch, stretch breaks, challenge the need for so many people on email or calendar invite, make sure you got a virtual link, and make sure you respond to a meeting either with accept, decline, or tentative. 

It would be great if the organization can also allocate a budget to certain roles or parts of organization to pseudo drive them to think about the cost of the meeting thinking that you have gone over budget on the month and give tips to improve. 

It might also be able to collect feedback on meetings they just got out of and provide anonymous tips to the owner of the meeting to help them get better based on that feedback. 

This is to expand the VIVA insights platform so you don't have to go to the dashboard or add-in to grow. This can nudge behaviors and make it to where someone can opt out if desired. 

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Viva Insights PM
Viva Insights PM

Hi Oliver,

Thank you so much for sharing! These are great ideas and we will take those into account as we plan for future features. 

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