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As we have been using VIVA Insights for a while, we wanted to suggest several Outlook modifications or integrations to aid in the mission of VIVA Insights:

 - Add a "Delegate To" Checkbox and Option When Declining/Tentatively Accepting: When a key stakeholder cannot decide whether he/she can attend, she/he can clearly delegate to another person. Forwarding an invitation to a new person is not clear whether the person is a delegate or just another participant.  Add the “delegate” option to make the key attendees build up the accountability.




- Add a "Decline" Button / "Cancel" Button in the Pop-Up Window: When you get a pop-up reminder in Outlook, it would be good to add additional buttons to make it easier to decline or cancel as needed. 



- Add a "Partial Acceptance" to Accept a Meeting for a Period of Time:Only accept a certain time range or time range(s). For example: a meeting is running from 8-10am. I could accept: 8-8:30am & 9-9:30am.  My calendar from 8:30-9 and 9:30-10 allow me to deal with something else.  Host also know how to arrange the agenda according to my availability



 - Default to Automatically Book Focus Hours: Now, users need to enable the feature to book the focus hours through Insights.  would recommend to make it a default feature that everyone gets it automatically.  I think most people will gain it and other people who really have conflicts can ignore it.  User may turn if off in a setting, but by default all users get it.

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Thank you for the suggestion. We will get this to the product manager who works on the Outlook integration and let them know of your ideas. These are very interesting and changes I'm sure a lot of users and companies would welcome.

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