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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello everyone,

Thank you for using Workplace Analytics (now Viva Insights). We are reaching out to our customers who have used “Partitions” to learn about their experiences. Partitions is rolled-out to select customers who want to have workspaces that contain subsets of employee data, and control who can access the data. If you have either been interested in this feature or used this feature in the past, we are curious to know if you would be willing to share feedback about how you have interacted with this feature (if you have), any challenges you have faced, and any suggestions or requirements you would have for us.

Your feedback will be incredibly valuable as we are building a new enhanced platform with advanced capabilities to cater to your organizational needs.

If you would you consider joining us over a short 30-45 minute call at your convenience, please feel free to reach out to me.

We appreciate your help.

Thank you, 

Viva Insights Team


Microsoft PM: @madhura_bhat