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Resolved! Outlook Prepare for meetings

Hello everyone.In the Prepare for your meetings in the Outlook Viva Insights panel, you cannot always have book preparation time.It only shows on some of my appointments.Any ideas?Thanks

wsparrowuk by Valued Contributor II
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Insights Outlook Add-in missing

I have had users tell me that their Insights Outlook Add-in goes missing on occasion. I've had this happen a few times over the last 9 month of use. Is there any reason for this or a better place to report a bug when it goes missing?

Rory_OG by Valued Contributor II
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Resolved! Setting Time in settings

When you set time for reminders in Virtual Commute, Praise, etc, the time that the reminder will appear will not be an exact time.It can arrive 15 minutes on either side of the set time. Because of this, we recommend that people set the time 15 minut...

wsparrowuk by Valued Contributor II
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