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Resolved! Work Pattern — Focus Time Dashboard

There were some dashboards, for example the below for focus time, what I cannot find anymore.Are these gone or it will be back soon? ...or there will be no dashboards except for the meetings.


Resolved! Send Praise - Create Own Titles

I really like the Send Praise function in Viva Insights, but wondered whether an organisation can create their own. We would really like to use the function but have titles/icons that relate to our company values.Is it possible to add our values to t...

SBlake by Visitor
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Resolved! Viva Insights app support customization?

Hi there,May I know if it is possible to customize the VIVA Insights app ( Does it support customization?a) Ribbon menu - add more sectionsb) Content page - add more boxes/sections to show different elementsI am awa...

Xiao_Chiu by Valued Contributor II
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Resolved! Nedbank Viva Microsoft - No response

My name is Boris Berovic, I work for Nedbank Ltd...and I have on numerous occasions sent queries as to the number of hours worked. Why is nobody responding?1. I want to know the hours a week 24/7, me not NEDBANK2. Why do you limit working hours Mon-F...

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Resolved! Reporting Metrics in Viva Insights

HiWithin Viva Insights Dashboard, i've noticed that it only provides the last 4 weeks data for Focus / Collaboration time.Is it possible to pull out data for historical weeks older than 4 weeks? I'm interested it getting a week-by-week trend over the...

djlw84 by Visitor
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