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Resolved! Tailored signposting on 'How are you feeling'

Does anyone know whether it's possible to have tailored signposting when an employee selects how they're feeling on Viva Insights? For example, if they selected that they feel bad, whether it could go on to ask why - and then signpost to a resource t...

Resolved! Personal Viva Insights - Retention Policy

Hello, Does anyone know what is the retention policy for Personal Viva Insights and how to change it? 1. I found this here: By default, Viva Insights initially collects, processes, and retains 13 months' worth of data2. Then I raised a ticket to MS S...

Resolved! Microsoft Viva Usage

Hello everyone!I am new to Microsoft Viva and I would like to learn few things.1. Can I use the services as 1 person and manage my work, or this is only for a group or a team? If yes, do you have a guide for this?2. Can Microsoft Viva connected with ...

Resolved! New team lead insights -team mapping source?

Hi,I'm working with a client on using Advanced Insights (WpA). They do not currently have Insights for Managers/Leaders turned on. They do have Personal Insights (MyAnalytics) active for at least some users.Today, my client received a Personal Insigh...

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