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Extend Teams App - Add a tab or analytics

Is there a way to extend the Teams App available for Viva Insights? For example, i have created a new analytics and i want to add that as a new tab in viva insights or a new section in an existing tab on Viva insights app.

Sveera by New Contributor
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Resolved! Email Tracking

Hi, am exploring options to track emails sent- open rates and click rates etc. Understand that Viva offers this under certain paid subscriptions, but would like to see the details before purchasing said plans. Anybody able to share the dashboard / fe...

Resolved! More detailed calculation definitions for Meeting Habits

I am wanting to get more detailed operational defintions around the calculation of Personal Viva Insights meeting Habits.I keep finding the same set of definitions that are quite high level and difficult to understand what is really going on. Eg. "Yo...

atolhurst by New Contributor
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Resolved! Teams sync with Viva Insights

Hello,I have a problem/question in regards to the sync between Viva Insights and Teams and in particular the app permission synchronization.This is our current setup. We have Viva Insights not activated for all users per default. Every user needs to ...

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