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1:1 relationship on viva insight

Hell team. In my organization we want to do some analyses on assets and journey. The blocker now is that viva insight have 1 to 1 relationship and our data we have people that belong to multiple squads, assents and journey, that will create duplicate...

Nedbank by New Contributor
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Focus time no longer Green Category

All of a sudden Microsoft Viva stopped booking in Focus Time into my outlook calendar using the Green Category and instead used the standard usual Blue category. I have search previous questions on this and they all mention around renaming or deletin...

Resolved! Insight Calendar Categories

Ok. So, Focus Time shows up on my calendar with the 'Yellow" Category. I see some other color categories being used for "Catch up with email" and such as they are created by Viva.Is there any documentation on what the official color categories are? H...

Resolved! Daily Briefing irrelevant meetings

Hello community! Does anyone know if there's a way to configure or disable irrelevant or recurring meetings that appear in daily briefings? We thought that clicking "Not Related" would eventually train the mails to disregard the recurring meetings, b...