Configure Microsoft Viva Briefing and Digest email settings

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Microsoft Viva sends the following types of emails based on your activity and actionable tasks in Microsoft 365.

Briefing emails: Sent near the start of your workday (as set in Outlook) when you have actions needed to prepare for a meeting or in response to an email. The Briefing email isn’t sent when you have no actionable items.

Frequency: Daily

Digest emails: Summarizes data about your work patterns over the past four weeks and suggests ways to improve them.

Frequency: Twice a month

Note: For Briefing emails, all you need is an Exchange Online service plan. For Digest emails, you also need the MyAnalytics service plan assigned to the user. Both of these service plans are available by default as part of your Microsoft 365 subscription.


To find out which Personal insights service plans are generally available with a subscription to the Microsoft 365 plans, refer to Microsoft 365 plans.

Important: These emails are system-generated and don’t go through the standard email delivery process; they can't be managed by email rules or transport rules. Admins and end users can opt out of these emails using the following settings.


Disable Viva Insights emails

As an admin, you can disable Viva Insights emails at the tenant level using the following options:

You can also disable these emails at a user level using the following options:

Additionally, end users can opt out of these emails using the following options:

Note: If you’re not able to save the settings related to Briefing or Digest emails in the Microsoft 365 admin center, try opening the admin center in an in-private window. Also, check the service health for any service-level events: How to check Microsoft 365 service health.


Not receiving your daily Briefing?

Here are three reasons why a user might not receive a Briefing email.

  • Briefing emails are sent within two hours of the start of the workday (as set in Outlook). Once the tenant has been enabled, several criteria must be met before the Briefing message is delivered to a mailbox.
    • Briefing emails aren’t sent to users who are out of office or have all-day meetings with “out of office” marked inside of Free or Busy.
    • Users only receive the Briefing email if Viva detects at least one actionable insight to review.
  • We don’t support Shared Mailboxes for briefing emails. If you’ve recently migrated a mailbox from Shared and back to User, you’ll need to initiate a mailbox move—which resets the Azure Active Directory sync—to accurately reflect the new status. Once done, emails from Viva Insights should begin to flow within a few weeks.

Note: When using PowerShell to retrieve a user’s mailbox info, look for the attribute RecipientType.

  1. The user’s time zone and language need to be configured correctly. In addition to confirming the time zone and language are correctly configured, confirm that the daily Briefing send time is set to before noon and that the user’s mailbox has actionable items to generate daily briefing emails.

    For example, when running Get-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -identity for all the users not receiving Briefing emails, you may notice that a user’s mailbox language setting isn’t properly configured.  By design, we skip these mailboxes and the user won’t receive the Briefing email. They should receive Briefing emails once they set the language.

Reference link: Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration (ExchangePowerShell) | Microsoft Docs

Here are other reasons why mailboxes could be skipped:

The mailbox language isn’t supported by Briefing
A user has Briefing disabled, either via admin or user settings
A user has no tasks detected in email or no document suggestions for today's meetings
A user’s Outlook holiday calendar shows a holiday
A user is out of office
A user’s delivery time is set after 12 PM on the Briefing settings page

The following content in the Briefing emails have additional requirements on top of the basic Exchange Online plan requirement:


Ability to enroll in a focus plan

Enrollment in a focus plan through the Briefing email is currently available only to users who have a Viva Insights service plan enabled.


For more information, refer to: To enroll in focus time
Catch up with your team

To use this content, a user needs to have both a MyAnalytics service plan and a premium Viva Insights license.


For more information, refer to: Catch up with your team


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Very valuable - thank you!

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Valued Contributor II


Thanks for the valuable post, @lilyolason 

One question to you and to the community, maybe you know the answer: In the cortana link there is the message in the banner: "Briefing email will soon become part of Microsoft Viva. Learn more about Microsoft Viva Insights". 
Does anyone know when this will happen and if this is going to happen? Or whether the Briefing email will move to MyAnalytics service plan?

Hi, @Metodi_Zoykov. Thank you for your question. I'm going to bring in Vikram Jindal and @Jake_Caddes to provide further information.

@Metodi_Zoykov This is already happening. Briefing email is already part of the Viva Insights service plans and, as part of the roll out, customers now get the briefing email from Microsoft Viva.

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