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Resolved! Home/Analyze/Plans tabs not visible in WPA

Hello,we have completed the configuration of Workplace Analytics (licenses, roles, settings and org data upload). The Org data upload and verification have been completed successfully. Currently, from WPA level we can see only Data sources, Leader & ...

Jakub by Valued Contributor II
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Resolved! Flexible working hours

Currently, working hours can be configured:Globally for the organization from VIVA Insight levelIndividually for a user from the Outlook Calendar levelIn our customer company, users can work on flexible daily “shifts”, from 7 AM to 3 PM or 9 AM to 7 ...

Jakub by Valued Contributor II
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Resolved! Where the Org Data file is stored?

Hi team, We know that Org file is uploaded to Workplace Analytics and is processed into customer's own private tenant, it is then deidentified and anonymized.However, customer wanted to know where exactly in their tenant is stored, if is in their Azu...

angelVargas by Valued Contributor II
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Resolved! Organizational data presence/absence attributes

Hi everybody,I am working on several projects with Viva Insights / WPA.One of my customers asked me if they can include presence/absence data for employees for each month (ex: for personid "xxxxx" presence days for March was 20 absence days was 3).I ...

lorinamuca by Valued Contributor II
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