Viva Insights Demo environment

New Contributor
New Contributor

Good afternoon,

I'd like to find a solution to make a live demo of Microsoft Insights to a client.

  • Using a Viva CDX tenant doesn't work --> No activity
  • Using a click through demo --> Not enough for our client
  • Using our production tenant --> GDPR issue 

I would have loved to use the one I got during the training but since the training is now available to everyone I have trouble to connect to it.


Any idea ?


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Thierry can you please clarify what you mean by having trouble to connect to the demo environment from the training? Currently, this is the only demo environment we are able to provide, so I would love to assist in troubleshooting your access.

Hey, found Thierry request relevant to my case. I'm using demo tenant procured through to showcase M365 scenarios to customers. Currently there're no Viva Suite licenses available in there, thus can't demo Viva Insights, Topics etc. Please advise if there're plans to add Viva Suite to demo tenant? Thanks!

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