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Viva Insights Badging is now open to all

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi everyone!

As you may know, we have been offering the Viva Insights Badging tracks to partners and are excited to announce that we are extending it to our customers and community members now! This is a great way for folks to learn more about how to use advanced insights in Viva Insights. After completing the modules and the assessments, you will receive a badge that you can display on your LinkedIn Profile.

We’re offering two different courses, the Practitioner Badge and the Specialist Badge. The Practitioner Badge is designed for those within an organization who use Viva Insights themselves and would like to learn more about how to derive insights and deliver on these insights. The Specialist Badge is designed for those who would like to expand their practice with high-value services and solutions.

You are not limited to taking 1 course, you can choose to take both. Note that the Specialist track is only open to Microsoft Partners and is available in the Partner User Group.

Please check out the courses on this new page of the community: Viva Insights Badging - Microsoft Viva Insights Community. We’re looking forward to badging you all in the future!


Community Manager
Community Manager

If you have any questions, please ask below or feel free to message myself or @Jake_Caddes. Looking forward to seeing new folks get badged!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

If you have any questions, please ask below or feel free to message myself or @Jake_Caddes. Looking forward to seeing new folks get badged!

Hi Sanjanna not sure if this is the best place for this but I've noticed quite a few emails from the Viva Community that seem to have coding issues, it's not a big deal but I wanted to share this as I know this community is growing 🙂

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Thank you for flagging this to us. We will take a deeper look into it!

New Contributor
New Contributor

Many thanks.
Happy to discover it!

New Contributor
New Contributor

Please note I complete all steps (Assessment and evaluation ) for  Viva Insights Specialist and Viva Insights Practitioner

And I Received email from Microsoft Viva Insights via Credly to accept badge

After accepted I see the viva insight specialist on credly dashboard but I cant see viva Insights Practitioner

Also from another user I can’t see anything


So please can you help  me

Hi @Sanadowais , Our records indicate that you have not yet completed your pitch. Once you are done with the assessment, you are supposed to prepare a presentation to pitch to our evaluators. Instructions can be found here (Viva Insights Practitioner Self-Serve Training - Microsoft Viva Insights Community) in the last section for Earning your badge.


Dear Sanjanaa,


Do you mean step 3 (Evaluation )

and please i'm asking about credly i'm using the below link to fill forms and must i received email to accept badge 

Viva Insights Specialist Badging Signup (  

Hi @Sanadowais ,


  1. You have received the Specialist badge and accepted it on Credly. 
  2. As for the Practitioner Badge, you may have completed the quiz/assessment on QuestionMark but are yet to complete presenting your pitch. (Step highlighted below). Once you are done completing steps 2 and book your pitch session in step 3, an evaluator will pass you. You will then receive your badge withing 2-3 business days of passing. Sanjanaa_Ellur_0-1641923276173.png


  3. Once you fill out the forms, you will only receive information on how to complete the next steps which will direct you to complete the quiz on QuestionMark and to complete your pitch. Please do not fill the form multiple times!

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any more questions.

Dear @Sanjanaa_Ellur 

I understand for the Practitioner Badge, need complete step 2, 3 after that i will receive email with forms to fill and information to complete next step

Right ? 

No, once you complete steps 2 and 3 and successfully pass the pitch, you will receive the badge from Credly.