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Valued Contributor II

I was providing a Viva Advanced Insights demo today to a group of HR leaders.

One of the folks asked if Insights is EEOC and National Labor Relations Board acceptable. I’ve never heard about either of these areas in regard to Insights before, and wanted to ask if anyone else has, and if there is any information about EEOC or NLRB acceptance related to Insights?





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Valued Contributor II

Hi @Kevin_Corr

I don't have an answer for you - this might be something for the product team to answer.

From the little reading and research I've done though, it's likely that it should be, based on the data and privacy considerations listed here: Data protection and Viva Insights | Microsoft Learn

Looking at the overview of the EEOC (Overview | U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( - you could support that Viva Insights de-identification process protects the employee from any of these things. The same appears to apply for the NLRB (What We Do | National Labor Relations Board (

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