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Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the Viva Insights Community! We are excited that you registered, and we want to share some tips to help you get started. As a member:  

  • You can ask questions, share your experience using Viva Insights, and connect with others with similar experiences. This is a forum to get reliable solutions to your questions from our user community and Viva Insights product experts  
  • You can learn about our product and stay up to date with the latest product releases. Try our skill assessments and get badged to develop valuable experience for your career 
  • You have a voice in shaping our product to meet the needs of your organization – by providing us with direct feedback and engaging with our product team 

The vision of Viva Insights is to empower people to be well, productive and happy at work through data-driven, privacy-protected insights and actionable recommendations. How do you use Viva Insights in your organization? Share your experience using Viva Insights and connect with our diverse group of community members – we have various Viva Insights users, data analysts, Microsoft partners and Microsoft internal team members here! 

How you can contribute and engage (Please read) 

  • Share your experience of using the product and ask questions on one of the forum boards   
  • Search or read our community posts before you post a question - a lot of questions have already been asked (and answered) before 
  • Encourage others who have posted by giving a kudos (thumbs up icon next to their post) if you agree and have a similar experience. This helps our community highlight and respond to frequently asked questions 
  • Share your expertise: If you have a solution to a problem someone else is asking about, please respond and share! Our community thrives on your active participation 
  • Learn and become an expert: We have a variety of learning resources for you to learn more about our product and get certified as an expert, check the Learning section for more details 
  • Have a cool feature idea? Share it with our product team and review other people’s suggestions. Our team regularly reviews and implements top ideas from our active users  
  • Become a Super User by responding to other’s questions and spending time on the community site. Super users get exclusive access to our product team to shape the future of Viva Insights. More details here: Super Users - Microsoft Viva Insights Community
  • Set up Email Notifications for forums that you are particularly interested in, so you will not miss any new posts. To do this, go to your preferred forum, click the vertical ellipsis on the right side of your screen, and choose the subscribe option 
  • Read through Dos and Dont's of our Code of Conduct

Are you a partner or a business leader? We have private groups for partners (Link to partner user group) and business leaders (Link to business leader user group) to discuss and share their experiences. Please request access to join these groups.  



To post questions or share your experiences, post in one of the 6 different forum boards: 

  • Onboarding and Privacy: This forum is where users post questions and comments on different onboarding related topics (such as HR data uploads, Organization File issues, or role assignment). It is also used to post questions about data privacy, i.e., where your data is stored and handled 
  • Personal Insights: This forum is for questions and discussions relating to personal insights features, such as briefing and digest emails, praise, wellbeing, Teams app, Outlook add-in and focus plans 
  • Manager Insights: This forum is for questions and comments on setting up Manager Insights and the features of Manager insights such as teamwork habits, team management, 1:1 time and meeting habits 
  • Leader Insights: This forum is for questions and comments on my organization, the homepage and the leader experience in the Teams app and web apps 
  • Advanced Insights: This forum is for questions and comments on queries, PowerBI templates, plans, home page business outcomes, actionable suggestions, and more 
  • General: Use this forum for questions and discussions that do not fit in the above categories, such as general questions about Viva Insights and how it is being used in your organization. Users also request feedback from others in the community here. 

To learn more about Viva Insights, we have these resources:  

  • Viva Insights blogs: We routinely cover new feature updates in blog posts, users can review these to stay up to date with Viva insights features and product updates   
  • Viva Insights Badging: This is an advanced training that customers, users, and partners can undergo to improve their capabilities and get certified on Advanced Insights features. There are two modules: practitioner path and specialist path. 
  • Documentation: Links to Viva Insights documentation that users can refer to as a starting point before coming to the forum to ask a question 
  • Community events: We will be hosting multiple events throughout the year to announce the latest feature releases and walk-through product updates with our Product team.  

To give product feedback, suggest features and help shape the product: 

  • Product Ideas: users can submit their ideas about new product features they would like to see. All ideas are sent to the Product team who consider them, and many ideas have been implemented in the past. To show your support for another user’s idea, please kudo their post. 
  • Product Feedback Opportunities: users can sign up here to interact with the product team and give feedback on Viva Insights features. 

Super users get a direct channel to our product team and share their personal views and experiences with the people who are developing the product (see this post on how you can become a super user: Super Users - Microsoft Viva Insights Community)


Valued Contributor II
Valued Contributor II

Amazing 🙂 This community has helped me to grow and develop at a much faster rate than you would expect!

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