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Business resilience report in the Microsoft 365 admin center

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Did you know that an introductory Microsoft Viva Insights report is available through the Microsoft 365 admin center? A new updated Business resilience report (previously known as the “Business continuity report”) is now available within the Microsoft 365 Productivity Score report.

As the pandemic is slowing and your business returns to a mix of normal and hybrid work, the concept of "Business continuity" is becoming less relevant. This Viva Insights report is available through Microsoft 365, which helps your business leaders understand how remote work has impacted the organization along with tips on how to improve flexibility and resiliency company-wide.

Apart from the changes to the narrative in this updated report, it keeps the same insights and metrics that were used in the original "Business continuity" report. You can access the report by selecting View trends in business resilience within the Productivity Score in the Microsoft 365 admin center (accessibility based on your credentials).



Here's an example of what leaders can see in this updated report. For more report details, see Business resilience report.




Contributor II
Contributor II

Wow, thanks for this @madehmer, very useful info.