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Integrate the rotation index to the Data

Maybe, if you can identify how many emails from different groups have been turned down in certain time, you can get insights about the rotation en that specific area and crossed the information with the burnout index to see if there is relationship.

Filter users by ID in query form

I often get client requests to analyze specific group of employees selected only by their emails. The selection doesn't map to any combination of org dimensions, so it is not possible to select them using regular filters. It would be much helpful, if...

Viva Insights Partitions

Hello everyone, Thank you for using Workplace Analytics (now Viva Insights). We are reaching out to our customers who have used “Partitions” to learn about their experiences. Partitions is rolled-out to select customers who want to have workspaces th...

Viva Leaf - Personal sustainability commitment

Free addition (bit like Insights) .... Viva Leaf, which will enable and empower people to contribute their progress on an individual basis to the UN Sustainability Goals, and our joint commitment as a species, and culture, to undertake the changes ne...