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Integration With MS Shifts

Are there plans to integrate with Shifts for better time protection. Currently Shifts doesn't sync with outlook and you have to manually set your working hours.

Team Coordination

Viva is doing a great job of keeping me accountable to my schedule and keeping me in touch with what is going on daily.I would love to see this integrate better with multiple users/teams. Example - I work in IT Support and we all have projects that n...

Focus Time additional controls

I work in IT Support and frequently need to find larger blocks of time to work on projects. But I dont want Focus time to be scheduled daily.Users should be able to choose which days of the week they prefer, and the number of days they want focus tim...

Viva Insights and the Microsoft Power Platform

Excited to announce an opportunity to influence the roadmap for Viva Insights! The product team is currently exploring the possibility of integrating Viva Insights with the Microsoft Power Platform. As part of this process, we want to gather feedback...

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