"Collaborators within Group" Person to Group Query

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Hope everyone is doing well! 

I recently run a Person to Group Query in WpA and found that there are "Collaborators within Group" value in the Collaborator ID column. 

I wonder if these are the employees who left the company? I couldn't find the definition anywhere online. I know that in the Group to Group Query, there is an attribute called "Collaborator within Group" but it doesn't seem the same thing to what I encounter. Can anyone help me understand what it means?





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Valued Contributor II

Hi @Sandy_Zou

Would you be able to share a screenshot of the way that the query is setup? It may help in answering/pointing you in the right direction...

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Community Manager

Hi Sandy, here are the definitions of collaborators and collaborator groups. Do these help answer your question?

Collaborators Anyone that measured employees or time investors interact with by email or instant message, in meetings, in unscheduled calls, or with instant messages. Collaborators are identified as internal (within the company) or external (outside of the company) and discovered through the data extracted for measured employees. Internal collaborators have domains internal to your organization, while external collaborators have domains external to your organization.
Collaborator group A group of collaborators that are identified as internal (within the company) or external (outside of the company) that interacts by email, in meetings, in calls, or with instant messages with a specified time investor.
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