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Problem with Manager effectiveness report

Hi Team, could you please tell me how are the numbers indicated in the 2nd chart (100 and 200) measured?One person cannot work 100 and 200 hours a week...Does it have something to do with wrongly setting the work week span? Although other reports see...


PowerBI and Workplace Analytics connection

I have tried to explore the WPA reports using PowerBI as it is described in this article am using my account with Admin and Analyst roles.After the below step: PowerBI is refr...

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Resolved! Team members and Organisational data

Hello, we noticed the difference in the "Included team members" between the Organization trends tab in MS Teams and Workplace Analytics Home tab and the number of VIVA Insights license assigned.Whan can be the explanation for this point? An additiona...

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Resolved! VAI data benchmark comparison

Hi - are there any plans to add in benchmark data for example on the Areas of Improvement / Best Practices pages? as part of our analysis we want to provide perspective into some of the data results we are getting - for example is x amount of collabo...

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