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Resolved! Unable to Reach Viva Insights Platform

Dear All,I hope you are doing well.We had Viva Insights trial licenses in the scope of jump-start program; however, our licenses were expired within this year.We have renewed our licenses previous month, but we are facing problems when we try to reac...

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Ecem_Oksay by Valued Contributor II
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Resolved! Urgent help needed - VI data meaning

Hi. I'm new to Viva Insights. I don't have admin rights, but have been provided with reports downloaded from the app. I want to be able to get an accurate view of an average day for employees at different levels of our organisation. I need to speak w...

Track emails subject - Viva Insights

Hello all,I was wondering if it is possible to track the subjects of the sent/received emails from Viva Insights.In WPA in the Standard person query i know it possible to calculate count/hours of emails by filtering inside the metric for a certain su...

lmuca by Valued Contributor II
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