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Microsoft Viva Insights now includes the following new advanced insights experiences and Power BI templates:

Introducing new leader and manager experiences

As of February 2022, Viva Insights now includes new leader and manager experiences with a new scalable infrastructure. This new infrastructure is available as part of a rolling release that’s starting now for existing customers. With this release, you’ll see newly updated metrics, new support for Azure Active Directory (AD) organizational data, simplified onboarding for leader and manager insights, and improved scalability.
This new infrastructure and experience can scale for an easier onboarding experience. However, as an existing customer, you’ll get the following new experience with this release:
• Leaders can view organizational insights in My organization within Viva Insights in Teams with newly updated metric definitions.
• Managers can now view Group insights in My team within Viva Insights in Teams and in Team Insights with updated metric definitions. With this release, they can no longer access manager or group insights within Workplace Analytics. If your managers try to access these insights in Workplace Analytics, they’ll get a redirect message that refers them to Viva Insights in Teams.
• Analysts and limited Analysts in your organization will continue to see Insights on the Home page with the pre-existing metric definitions within Workplace Analytics. These analysts and leaders will have insights that use different metric definitions as a consistent narrative throughout their use of Workplace Analytics.
• Organizational data will be automatically migrated, so you won’t have to do any manual migration. However, if you haven’t set up your organizational data through Upload in Workplace Analytics, you can use Azure AD data for both the leader and manager insights and for deeper analysis within Viva Insights in Teams.
• Admins can use the Microsoft 365 admin center to assign the new Insights Business Leader and Administrator roles for your organization.
• Because the Workplace Analytics Admin role will continue to work and has the same permissions as an Insights Administrator, both Viva Insights and Workplace Analytics Admins can configure settings and controls for the leader, manager, and analyst experiences within Workplace Analytics.

The following is an example of what Leader insights are shown in My organization with Viva Insights in Teams.


The following shows an example of the Group insights that managers can see in My team with Viva Insights in Teams, as well as in the new Team Insights, which is also available now for Viva Insights managers and team leads.


The following shows an example of the Organizational data that’s available in Workplace Analytics for Admins and Analysts:


If managers try to open Workplace Analytics, they’ll get the following redirect message to view My team within Viva Insights in Teams.


New language support for Power BI templates

Up until now, all of the Viva Insight’s Power BI templates have only been available in English. We are excited to announce that both the Business continuity and Microsoft Teams insights templates now support the same languages that Workplace Analytics in Viva Insights currently supports.

Analysts can now use the Query designer in any one of the supported languages, run the queries needed for the Business continuity or Microsoft Teams Insights templates in that language, and then load that data into Power BI by using the template.

From there, analysts can change the language for a report on the Settings page in Power BI. If you haven’t used a Viva Insights Power BI template before, use the Query designer to select a template and follow the on-screen steps to get started. If you already have a template set up, you can download the template from the Query designer’s Results page and load the required data into Power BI.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about this new capability!


Wellbeing – balance and flexibility reports 

This new Power BI template is now available through the Query designer in Workplace Analytics for Viva Insights. As a Viva Insights user who is assigned the Analyst role, you can access and generate insights in a self-serve and timely manner.

Employee wellbeing is at the forefront of business leaders’ minds, especially during the pandemic. With the shift to remote and hybrid work for many organizations, leaders and analysts can use these Power BI reports as a starting point in identifying collaboration patterns and uncover opportunities that can help improve employee wellbeing throughout their organization. 

These Wellbeing reports were developed to answer the following key questions that business leaders have about their employees’ wellbeing, especially during this trying time. 

  • Improve focus: Do employees have time to focus on core priorities? 
  • Balance work and life: Are employees able to protect personal time? 
  • Handle urgency: Can employees manage unexpected demands and proactively shift some to planned work? 
  • Embrace flexibility: Are employees adopting a flexible working schedule? 
  • Take breaks: Are employees able to mindfully disconnect? 
  • Stay connected: Are employees at work part of a community?  

The Summary page shows a snapshot of the organization’s key behaviors and monthly trends for each wellbeing topic. You can also use it as a quick one-page template to operationalize wellbeing insights. 


Deep-dive analysis pages are available for each wellbeing topic. For example, the following shows the Embrace flexibility deep-dive, where leaders and analysts can identify employees’ flexibility at work, including flexible start times, recurring time to disconnect, and active collaboration hours: 


See Wellbeing dashboard for more details. 

Sales effectiveness reports 

Sales effectiveness is a perennial top of mind topic for business and sales leaders. In today's world, customer expectations are constantly evolving and growing. Taking the time to understand customer needs, improve products, and foster long-term relationships is more important than ever.  

Since the release of CRM upload capability in Workplace Analytics for Viva Insights, we have an increasing number of inquiries about CRM-based analysis, such as to generate CRM sales insights and surface sales opportunities. This release is the first Power BI dashboard to integrate CRM data and standardize the experience for business and sales leaders that want to understand collaboration insights about their customer accounts. 

Business leaders and analysts can view their organization’s external collaboration baseline (domain based) without needing access to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data. However, if they have uploaded their CRM data to Workplace Analytics, it can be enabled and included in the Power BI reports for a more complete and specific account-based analysis. Leaders and analysts can also use the reports to focus the analysis to a specific customer account in CRM. 

The reports cover key questions from the business and sales leaders, such as: 

  • How much overall collaboration do employees have with external parties and, especially, customer accounts? 
  • What are the meeting patterns with external parties? 
  • Which employee roles are engaging most with customer accounts? 
  • Are employees meaningfully engaging with customer accounts? 
  • Which customer accounts are most invested in? 
  • How are employees collaborating with a specific customer account? 

The following is an example of an Introduction page that summarizes the key topics included in these reports:


Deep-dive analysis is available for each topic. For example, the following shows an Account collaboration snapshot with integrated CRM data:


See Sales effectiveness dashboard for more details. We look forward to your feedback about all of these new feature enhancements and updates! 


Valued Contributor II
Valued Contributor II

Slightly off topic, but relevant in a way - Is there anyone that can give me advice on duplicating the "Fly-out" menu's incorporated into the "Wellbeing" Power BI report. I'm trying to replicate the bookmark settings, but don't seem to be winning for some reason. Any links, guidance will be appreciated...

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