Ways of Working Assessment Dashboard (Temporary File Size Issue) reappearing

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Valued Contributor II


Me and my team are experiencing the same issues as described in Kunaal's post below: 


We have tried the proposed solution, downloading smaller querys in order to make the template and then change the Odata-url to our bigger querys (<10 000 people, 1 year). However the same issues appear, where the temporary file gets to >300gb before filling up the C: and crashing the query. 

Is this a known issue, and are there any potential workarounds for this issue? 


Viva Insights PM
Viva Insights PM

Hi David,

How many HR attributes have you selected in Step 3 "Organizational data: Which organizational data columns do you want to include for these employees?" in the Ways of working assessment query? A high number of HR attributes is a likely cause of the issue you are experiencing.

As mentioned in the post you referenced, the Power BI reports have been designed to help Viva Insights customers under the most common setups and business scenarios. Try limiting the number of HR attributes to no more than 7.

Check out this article in our documentation site with a few more suggestions: Power BI tips, troubleshooting, and FAQ | Microsoft Docs




I tried with 7 org attributes, and we could upload the dashboard to my workplace. However as I said in my reply below, we have more Org attributes that we want to use. Is there a workaround for this? 

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Valued Contributor II

Hi Lucas,

In the latest attempt, we had about 15 attributes in that step. We got the following message


I am currently doing a new query with 7 org attributes, and will get back to you with our results. However, we have a number of internal org. fields which would require atleast 10-15 org attributes for the dashboard to work properly for our organisation. 

Best regards,



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