Problem with connecting to OData Feed (Viva Insights PBI template - "Business Continuity")

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

There is a problem when connecting to OData feed to pull out “Business Continuity” report from Viva Insights (Former Workplace analytics)

Each time we try to connect, the error “Access to the resources is forbidden” appears. We tried to:

  • Sign in/out of organizational account
  • Edit/clear credentials in data source settings (followed docs on PBI troubleshooting)
  • Changed privacy levels (although sensitivity labels are disabled – is it a problem?)
  • We also submitted a ticket (redacted) but were redirected to write here (redacted)

We have managed to pull out the „Ways of working assessment” and “Manager effectiveness” reports but cannot this one. Also, we have updated PBI to the latest version and our both queries are set the same when it comes to “time period” and “group by” attribute.

Would you be so kind and help me figure it out? 


Valued Contributor II
Valued Contributor II

Hi @lena_kolodziejak 

Is this still a problem? 

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