Mapping the Flow of Work - Metric ideas for showing a typical day in the life

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Valued Contributor II

Hello Viva Insights Community,

I figured this was a smart group of analysts and product folks 😉 What I'm about to ask may not be possible today within Advanced Insights, but perhaps I could generate some discussion as to what options we have available today and what may be feasible to include on the roadmap for this incredible product.

Recently, my team went through an exercise mapping out the "Flow of Work" in a digital world consisting of all the activities (online and offline) that comprises a knowledge worker's day, and where specific pain points arise (tasks that can only be completed through email, constant pings on Teams, etc.). I had imagined an "EKG" of sorts of a user's day where we could map out when an email arrived and then when that user subsequently checked said email, among other things. How many of those interruptions happen per day, and what amount of time is lost given the constant context switching? Of course, that would require being able to see data at the minute grain (or finer).

That leads me to my questions: Has there been interest in a Person metric around average time between Email Received and Email Read? I know in our personal insights, there's a card that says something to the effect of "you read messages within 5 minutes of receiving them, etc". Similar question for Teams chats and channel messages, although I'm sure the latter may be a bit tricky to determine when a message has been "read" or really digested given the nature of the Channel interface.

Ultimately, I think it'd be fascinating to see what proactive actions we can recommend for our users (configure notifications a certain way, schedule checking your inbox once an hour, etc) and then be able to show through data what effect it has on time spent responding or focusing, maybe looking into what effect it has on workweek span, uninterrupted focus hours, etc.. I'm geeking out already!

Has anyone else gone through a similar exercise and is being asked for these kinds of metrics?



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Valued Contributor II

Hi Felipe, I don't think that this is something being calculated in Advanced Insights currently - it might be something very interesting to analyze! A good place to start would probably be the "Uninterrupted focus hours" metric...

I would assume that the organization must be mature in consuming AND acting on basic analysis provided through Viva Insights before attempting to unlock value in this however. In my experience, the granularity becomes overwhelming for stakeholders/consumers. 

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