Is there any chance to intercept all Teams meetings as events to trigger a bot in my tenant?

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Question for all Viva Insights experts: is there any chance I can intercept all Teams meetings as events to trigger and feed a bot in my tenant? 

I would like to create a campaign for all the illimity Bank employees, my company, to improve meeting culture.  
The bot from the Microsoft Bot Frawework should listen and wait for all meetings in the company, select only some of the according to specific characteristics and then interact via Teams chat with those organizer and attendees.  
The bot should ask simple questions, preferably with adaptive cards and simple controls (like the classic 5 star rating for the overall quality of the meeting, agenda completeness, timeliness), but this a phase 2.  
I am wondering if you can suggest me the correct starting point among the API documentation of Viva Insights. I imagine the system “knows” and track anonymously all the occurring meetings: I would like to subscribe to these events. 


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Hi @francescozit

I see that this post hasn't been answered for a while - did you manage to find what you were looking for?

I think for further reference, you might be able to find more information on this link: Microsoft Viva Dev Center | Build collaborative apps

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