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Visually display the average values for different components of the Flexibility index. The flexibility index is a quantitative measure of the freedom for employees to work at a time of their choice. Also check out the documentation on Github on how to use R to compute the Flexibility index. 


The Flexibility Index is a score between 0 and 1, and is calculated based on three component measures:

  • ChangeHours: this represents the freedom to define work start and end time. Teams that embrace flexibility allow members to start and end their workday at different times.

  • TakeBreaks: this represents the freedom define one's own schedule. In teams that embrace flexibility, some members will choose to organize / split their day in different ways (e.g. take a long lunch-break, disconnect in the afternoon and reconnect in the evening, etc.).

  • ControlHours: this represents the freedom to switch off. Members who choose alternative arrangements should be able to maintain a workload that is broadly equivalent to those that follow standard arrangements.


Note: Insight represented in image uses dummy data

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Viva Expert
Viva Expert

For reference, the documentation for this function is linked here:

As pre-requisites, you'll need to install the {wpa} R library (which you will need R) and download an Hourly Collaboration Query.