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Here is a simple snippet for analysing person-level means for Workplace Analytics metrics using `pandas`.

This example is based on running Python via R and the `reticulate` R package, so the data is actually passed on to `our_data_py` from the object `r.our_data`, but this can be imported using a CSV file. 



import pandas as pd
import dateutil

our_data_py = r.our_data

# our_data_py.head()

# our_data_py.shape



We can do a bit of analysis with it. Let's start with changing the date:



our_data_py['Date'] = our_data_py['Date'].apply(dateutil.parser.parse, dayfirst = True)



The next step is to create a function that aggregates metrics at the person and org level:



def analyse_metric(data, metric, hrvar):

data = data.groupby(['PersonId',hrvar])
data = data[metric].mean()
data = data.reset_index()
data = data.groupby(hrvar)
output = data[metric].mean()

return output

analyse_metric(our_data_py, metric = 'Collaboration_hours', hrvar = 'LevelDesignation')



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