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New Contributor II
New Contributor II
Status: New

As we track the effectiveness of Viva Insights, we would like to know which users are actually looking at their insights and through which channel. Can we get a log of the visits to the MyAnalytics page including who and when? And similarly for the Viva Insights teams app - preferably broken down by tab. Would also be great to know who enabled things like virtual commute, use praise, schedule a focus plan, etc.

This will help us to quantify the benefits of Viva Insights in another way - e.g. by bucketing users according to their usage and see if "high" users are seeing more benefits.

Status changed to: New

Thank you for the suggestion! We will get this to the product manager working on MyAnalytics and let them know your ideas. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Kelly_Dowd, we have a newly-released M365 Admin Center report that shows active Viva Insights users by day. We currently don't go into deeper detail like you're requesting, but this provides a daily usage trend up to the last 180 days.

Microsoft Viva Insights activity report | Microsoft Docs

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi, we started using the report from the Admin Center and I am not sure what the total from the header means, can you clarify?

Could it be repeat visits or it is the total unique users over the specific time period?


Screenshot 2022-07-06 093645.png