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Viva Insight with Headspace

Hi all,My organization have subscription to Headspace. So I have a question, whether I can add that to viva insight in addition to the free material available for Headspace in Viva Insight? Thank you community members for the help.

Group to Group Query Metrics

Hi Alla. What is the basis for limiting the number of metrics in the group-to-group query compared to the many more metrics available in the person query that could apply to group to group e.g. call hour, call count, IM hours, IM count etc? I also no...

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Resolved! Power BI dashboards

Dear all,Would insights teams power bı dashboards count as usage although the customer doesn't have a license?regards,

Esrakiper by New Contributor II
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Resolved! WPA Count in office and teams meetings

Hello,I am new in WPA and i am trying to calculate and distinguish the number of meetings taken in the office and the number of meetings taken in teams. Is there a way to retrieve this information form WPA? I tried to find this information from the M...

Resolved! Channel message hours questions

Could you provide me with a little more information on how channel message hours are calculated? How does it keep in mind people just scrolling through the channel, or not reading the channel at all? Are large channels treated any different?Finally, ...