Problem with Manager effectiveness report

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi Team, managereffe.PNGcould you please tell me how are the numbers indicated in the 2nd chart (100 and 200) measured?One person cannot work 100 and 200 hours a week...Does it have something to do with wrongly setting the work week span? Although other reports seem fine when comes to calculating work week span. Do you have any idea of such a high number


Viva Insights PM
Viva Insights PM

Hi Lena, 

Those numbers for workweek span do indeed seem very high. Since the numbers you are seeing are roughly 4x higher than I would expect, could it be that you are looking at the monthly numbers instead of weekly span? (using a monthly query instead of a weekly query for this report)

Including the definition of workweek span for both a weekly and monthly query:

The time between the person's first sent email, meeting attended, or Teams call or chat, and the last email, meeting, call, or chat for each day of the work week. The total number of hours are based on the person’s work week that is set in Outlook, which the user can change at any time. If a work week is not defined in Outlook (or if the advanced insights app is unable to access a user's Outlook settings), the totals are based on the default of Monday through Friday, with a minimum of four hours and a maximum of 16 hours per day. If reported for the week, the metric is a sum of the daily values for the week. If reported for the month, the metric is the sum of the daily values for the month.

Dear Florine, indeed, this is a monthly query. Thank you for that! Would you be so kind and also provide some clarification on what is the definition of the dotted line on left chart? is it like the optimal AH collaboration?

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