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Group to Group Query Metrics

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi All

a. What is the basis for limiting the number of metrics in the group-to-group query compared to the many more metrics available in the person query that could apply to group to group e.g. call hour, call count, IM hours, IM count etc? I also noticed whist email hours is included email count is not but for meeting hours there is both hours and count? I assume there a technical reason for this which I am not understanding? At present I need to manually create the query using rules in the person query and limited to a pair of groups as its very time consuming to set up.


b. second pioint with respect to the Person to group query in addition to the same point above (which applies to this query too), why does the person to group query have metrics that arent available in the Group to group and vice versa? e.g. email count and network size not available in grop to group and time investors meeting hours not available in per to group query. (unclear about how to use network size and time investors meeting time in this context though). but key point is can we not have other relevant fields form person query e.g. IM and Call. 




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New Contributor II

@Kunaal_Bhagani , Since all query types has different usecase. It would be important you go through the Metrics description and query types in the MS documentation for workplac analytics. Tbh took me a some time too but everything eventually made sense. 


The person query analyzes data from the point of view of each individual in the organization.

This creates a lot of flexibility in analyzing data. For example, you can learn:

  • How time use varies by different organizational attributes?

  • How specific subgroups in the organization spend their time?

  • How one aspect of collaboration influences other time-use habits?


Group-to-group queries in Microsoft Viva Insights give results that help you understand how a team invested their time across the rest of the organization and beyond. The query results list pairs of groups, as defined by the organizational attributes, along with how much time people in the first group (known as time investors) allocated to other groups (known as collaborators).

For eg. 
Metric - "Meeting hours" in person query is used for:-

Meeting hours Number of hours the person spent in meetings with at least one other person during and outside of working hours. Person Hour Yes

Metric - "Meeting hours" in group to group query refers to:-

Meeting hours Number of meeting hours the time investor group has spent meeting with the collaborator group. Group Hour No


Person queries in Workplace Analytics | Microsoft Docs
Group-to-group queries in Viva Insights | Microsoft Docs
Metric definitions | Microsoft Docs

I hope this helps.

I agree that each query has their different purposes, however this still doesn't explains why in the group to group query we can't select call hours and instant message hours. Yet we do see channel message hours and collaboration hours (which is a combination of all email, meeting, calls and instant message). The definition of the missing two channels should be similar to meeting hours e.g.:

Call Hour: Number of hours the time investor group has spent in scheduled and unscheduled calls through Teams with the collaborator group.

Instant Message Hours: Number of hours the time investor group has spent in instant messages (IMs) through Teams with the collaborator group.


Essentially what I am looking for is: 

How many call hours and instant message hours did people in the first group (known as time investors) allocate to other groups (known as collaborators)


Hi @Kunaal_Bhagani, I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I spoke with our PMs who are in charge of these signals and they gave me an answer. At this time these metrics don't exist in the Group to Group query. I will be sending this feedback to the product team who work on query design and let them know that this is a desirable feature for you.

Is there any way I can be kept updated on this?

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New Contributor III

Hi all my question has NOT been resolved.
So the solution above is NOT appropriate, not sure why its marked as solved. 

Moderator maybe? Unsure how that's marked.

Hopefully someone can answer.. or, If I get some time during weekend to check "How many call hours and instant message hours did people in the first group (known as time investors) allocate to other groups (known as collaborators)"