Getting Started with the WpA R Library

Viva Insights PM
Viva Insights PM

Starting this thread for those just getting started with the WpA R library. Feel free to post questions, ides, etc.


If you are brand new to {wpa} , here are some some basic links:

  1. Introduction • wpa (
  2. wpa/wpa cheatsheet.pdf at main · microsoft/wpa · GitHub




Viva Expert
Viva Expert

In terms of learning resources for those who are just starting out, I'd also recommend this Microsoft Learn module which is free and takes less than hour to complete:

The package website that @Carlos_Morales posted also has an Analyst Guide section which is a very good intro read:


For general R learning, my go-to recommendation resource is still the R for Data Science e-book written by Hadley Wickham (author of dplyr, ggplot2, and many popular household R packages) and Garrett Grolemund: (free online ebook)



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